Weather impact on the energy market

Basically, we are offering everything which can be used to earn money in the energy business having our focus on weather.



Following will give you an example about our common services

Energy Meteorology


Usually, there is one briefing a day before the exchange is getting active (8 CET). Within 15 Minutes, you will be updated about all the relevant weather changes which could be important for today´s trading. Additional meetings can be book extra.  


Ad hoc

You want to know how a specific news is affecting your trading strategy? In that case, we will deliver a fast analysis with convincing results. Requests will be discussed in detail.  


On demand

Developing new tools is a core task of our work. Thereby, the need is changing and it is important for us to be ahead of the market. Tools can be a hydro/wind/PV power models or a function to translate a given power output into power prices.

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